It is Seasprite Charters' policy that anyone who boards Seasprite II must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


We will require proof of vaccination from passengers. Please bring along your proof of vaccination on the day of charter so we can scan on boarding. It is a requirement that we check for proof. No proof of vaccination = No boarding = No exceptions.

Here is the link for anyone who still needs to get their vaccination record:

We are taking this stance to not only protect our crew and passengers, but to do our bit in limiting the spread of the virus. 

We run a safe ship, so as well as the correct hygiene practices, we will be following physical distancing and maintain a Contact Tracing Register in line with Worksafe practices.


We require all people boarding the boat to exercise the strictest precautions possible to help avoid the transmission of COVID-19.

Our QR code is displayed on our sign at the marina berth. Another is displayed on board the boat. While we have our QR code on display, every passenger will be required to sign our Contact Tracing Register.  The Contact Tracing Register is confidential and can only be shared with the Ministry of Health or the District Health Board. It is destroyed 2 months after record date.

Cough or Cold? Please don't turn up if you are under the weather. No one wants to spend the day with a potential Covid case.