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Seasprite II - Group Booking Information








Minimum 15 passengers for boat exclusively for your group.

Maximum 20 passengers.

$200 per person (GST inclusive) - includes rod/reel/tackle hire, bait/berley/salt ice for fish.

FAQ: There are only 10 of us but we want the boat just to ourselves. How much will it cost?  15 x $200 = $3,000 (alternatively, join our Individual Casual Fishers Days or find another 5 people to join your group).

What time do we depart?

Generally we depart at 7.00 am and return to port at 3.00 pm. If you want to book the boat exclusively, we can customise departure and return times to suit your requirements. Please be ready to board the boat 15 minutes prior to agreed departure time for our pre-departure safety briefing. 

How many people fit on Seasprite II?

Seasprite II is surveyed to carry 32 (including crew). For your safety and pleasure we limit the number of passengers to 20 for fishing trips. This gives people plenty of room and minimises tangles. 


Do we need to have any fishing experience?

No, we are happy to help anyone who would like assistance.


Hire Fishing Equipment

Passengers are expected to show due care and respect to the hire equipment. Damage or loss by careless use will be charged to the hirer at actual cost. Use of the rod & reel indicates acceptance of this condition.

Recommended Tackle

For those bringing their own tackle, bring a 10-15kg outfit loaded with monofilament and 50lb or 60lb leader material. It is important that you bring 10oz reef sinkers as we are fishing in deeper water most of the time. Ideal rig is a Ledger Rig or Snapper Flasher - 2 hooks maximum. No one is allowed to fish with more than 1 rod at a time. Please note: BRAID IS NOT PERMITTED on general fishing trips. It is impossible to untangle and cuts through everyone else's lines. It is also dangerous to handle.

Where does Seasprite II depart from?

Seasprite II is located on berth Z11 at Westhaven Marina Z Pier Charter Base, Westhaven Drive, St Marys Bay, Auckland. Check out our Directions to Boat.

Parking arrangements

Parking at the marina is pay-by-meter or pay-via-app INUGO. The Council Parking Enforcement Officer regularly checks the cars parked in the carpark so please ensure that you pay enough parking for while you are out on charter, otherwise you will get a ticket and/or towed. 

Food & Catering

Food is generally BYO. We have a large BBQ on board and are happy to cook up your lunch at no charge if you bring the supplies - BBQ cleaning wipes, tinfoil trays, and enough food for the 3 crew. Burger patties, sausages, steak etc are great for the BBQ. Please DO NOT bring any raw or marinated chicken as it takes ages to cook. While we are happy to cook your BBQ, it is up to you to organise/prepare your bread, salads etc. Don't forget disposable plates and platters.


Catering can be arranged for your charter should you require - options and prices dependent on your requirements.

Can we bring alcohol?

Seasprite II has an alcohol licence and is a responsible host. Your safety is of our paramount concern. Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to board the boat. No alcohol is to be consumed on board before 10.30am.

Any alcohol brought on board Seasprite II has to be declared to the Skipper or Duty Manager on boarding, and excess may be left behind. Excess to us is more than 4 beers per drinking person over the course of the day. We have a bin available on board for you to put your alcohol in - you just need to remember to bring ice to cool your beverages.

Spirits, RTDs or hip-flasks are NOT PERMITTED and are not to be brought aboard. If these items are brought aboard, they must be surrendered to the Skipper or Duty Manager or the boat will return to port immediately, in which case no refund will be made.

If alcohol is to be consumed, it is your responsibility as the organiser of the charter and supplier of alcohol to ensure that adequate substantial food is readily available for your group to eat throughout the charter (for example, filled rolls, sandwiches). This is in addition to any food brought along to be cooked on the BBQ.

Passengers are not permitted to be intoxicated. If the behaviour of any member of your group gets to the point where the safety of the boat or other people on board is compromised the Skipper may, at his discretion, return to port immediately, in which case no refund will be made. Please note that the Police regularly visit the charter base.

If you or any member of your group have a problem with our alcohol policy, please DO NOT BOOK US. We want to take you fishing, not drinking. WE ARE NOT A FLOATING BAR!

Illegal Substances

No illegal substances are to be brought aboard Seasprite II. Should a crew member observe any drug activity, the boat will immediately return to port at which time the charter will be terminated and no refund given.

Chilly Bins

NO CHILLY BINS to be brought aboard. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CHILLY BINS IN YOUR CAR until we return to assist us in complying with our Workplace Safety requirements. This enables us to have a totally uncluttered deck with nothing unsecured and minimal trip hazards. We have large ice bins on board. Fish are kept in a slurry to maximise quality and taste, and we provide you with a sturdy plastic bag to take your catch to your car. IF YOU TURN UP AT THE BOAT WITH A CHILLY BIN, IT WILL BE SENT BACK TO YOUR CAR.


Filleting is not permitted on the boat. The charity Kai Ika operates in the carpark and offer filleting services at reasonable prices. If you plan on getting your catch filleted, we suggest you bring some large snap-lock bags to put your fillets in.


We take the safety of the boat, crew and passengers very seriously. Before leaving port you will be given a short safety briefing. We request that all passengers observe the safety guidelines. Seasprite Charters and any employee thereof are not responsible for any personal loss or injury incurred by passengers while on board the boat.

Medical Condition

If you, or any member of your group have a medical condition, please declare this to a member of our crew on boarding. This is so we can best ensure your safety while aboard our vessel.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Group Bookings - a deposit of $1,000 is required to confirm your booking. The remaining balance of the charter price is due no less than 10 working days prior to the charter date. A non-confirmed booking may be booked over by another party.

If you cancel a confirmed booking less than 2 weeks prior to the charter date, the deposit will not be refunded but is able to be transferred to another date mutually agreed upon. If you cancel a confirmed booking within 10 days of the charter date, your deposit will be forfeited.

We prefer payment via internet banking. We do not accept eftpos or credit card payments.


Cancellations / Refunds

Please ensure that the organiser/contact for the day of charter has their phone turned on the evening prior and morning of the charter (from 5.00am) in case we need to contact them. Cancellations because of adverse weather are solely at the Skipper's discretion and in such cases trips will be rescheduled.

Photographs/Video Footage

Any photos or video footage taken while aboard Seasprite II may be used for promotional purposes unless we are expressly notified in writing prior to the charter.



Phone: Alan or Michelle on 021 453230

or email:

or Contact Us

Bookings are only confirmed once deposit has been received.

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